Smooth Away Hair Removal Review: As Seen On TV Hair Removal

Smooth Away Hair Removal Review: As Seen On TV Hair Removal

Smooth Away is a file like product that uses very fine crystals to buff away hair. This product can be used anywhere (except on the top of heads) as long as the area is clean, dry, and free from any beauty products, including moisturizers and lotions. The files need to be used in a circular motion, starting clockwise about 3 times and reversing that motion for another three times. Continue to do so, until the hair is gone.

It is a pain free way to remove hair which is a rare quality in hair removal systems. Most hair removal systems do cause some degree of pain, although most are minor. The file that is used for Smooth Away does help exfoliate the skin. The skin may at first look “ashy” but once wiped away with a dry cloth, the skin will look smooth and refreshed.

Another feature that is different in Smooth Away than other temporary hair removal systems, the hair will not grow back thicker. In fact, with continued use, Smooth Away will help minimize hair growth. The hair removal results will be varied. Some areas will stay smooth for several days as others may notice hair regrowth within the next day or two.

A large file pad can be used a couple times on the legs before needing to be replaced. One will probably be able to use the smaller pads more times since it is mostly for facial hair and that hair is less coarse.

The small pad is a great way to remove facial hair. It is harder to use the small file in the eyebrow area but use for lip, chin, and above eyebrows are easily accessible.

After trying this system for several days, the results were really great, especially for facial hair. It is extremely easy to use, really does not cause any type of pain (and I have pretty sensitive skin), and the results are good. However, because of time, I would not continue to use the product on my legs. It took over thirty minutes to complete both legs and I found the results to not be as great as shaving with a razor. Because of sensitive skin, it was nice not to have to use a lotion after or deal with any pain that can be caused by nicks or razor burn. I did love the results for other body and facial hair.
Smooth Away is worth the try, especially for facial hair removal.

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