Laser Hair Removal vs. Electrolysis: The Best Way to Remove Those Pesky Upper Lip Hairs

Laser Hair Removal vs. Electrolysis: The Best Way to Remove Those Pesky Upper Lip Hairs

Both men and women grow hair all over their bodies, including their faces. Much of this hair is fine and light. Some however, can be dark and coarse. While shaving might be fine for the underarms and legs, many women don’t feel comfortable shaving their upper lip. Tweezing tends to cause hair to thicken as multiple hairs grow from one follicle. Also, these procedures are time consuming and can irritate sensitive skin.
For waxing or threading, one has to wait for the hair to grow back between treatments. Additionally, they are not permanent options. For the woman who wants to get rid of upper lip hair permanently, there are only two basic options: electrolysis and laser hair removal.

Electrolysis – Time Consuming, But Permanent.

Electrolysis is a procedure that has been used for over 125 years to remove unwanted hair. The procedure involves a very thin metal probe slid into each follicle. A mild current of electricity is then applied mixed with a saline solution that destroys the hair at its root. Each hair must be treated individually, so electrolysis works best for small areas, like the upper lip.

Electrolysis works on all colours and types of hair, including light and fine ones. Hair grows at different rates and in three cycles, so multiple treatments will be required to eradicate all the hair. The treatment can be up to 200$ an hour, during which time the certified electrolycist will be able to remove 15-30 hairs. Some businesses also offer thermal hair removal or a blend of both methods.

The only side effect, if done properly, is likely to be some redness in the area. Certified electrolycists will not damage the skin with scarring or cause unwarranted pain. However, the hair, for the majority of clients, will be eradicated forever with this method.

Laser Hair Removal – Shorter Treatments, Not Effective for All Hair

Laser hair removal is the newest kind of supposedly permanent eradication method for unwanted hair. It has been a licensed form of treatment since the mid-90s. During this procedure, a range of different kinds of lasers can be used to pinpoint each hair and damage the follicle. Although the process can only take 20 seconds for the upper lip, the treatment must be repeated at least eight times over the course of a year. For the most part, only dark, coarse hair on light skin can be removed with this method, and, in many cases, not permanently.

However, the client will see the hair on the upper lip become lighter or return much more infrequently than with any other less permanent method. The laser, like the electric needle, can be painful, creating a burning sensation. A cooling or anesthetic gel may be used. Some swelling or inflammation is to be expected. A sunscreen with high SPF must be worn afterwards. Laser hair removal is generally cheaper than electrolysis but can’t be performed as frequently to treat the hair and rarely leads to complete eradication.

As with any procedure, medical or cosmetic, one should attend a free consultation first, obtain recommendations, ask questions and expect reasonable, not miraculous, results.

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