Easy Hair Removal: Get and stay hair free at home

Easy Hair Removal: Get and stay hair free at home

It doesn’t have to be summer to want to stay hair free. Getting rid of body hair, whether it be bikini, arm, leg, underarm or facial hair, has been a problem for women for many years. Where you want to be bare is your business. Don’t let anyone tell you where you should or shouldn’t have hair. Once you decide you want to remove hair, you need to choose from a confusing array of hair removal methods.

You can wax, shave, use a depilatory cream, tweeze or try a personal trimmer. I’ve tried them all, and this last option has become my favorite. For around $25, you can purchase a trimmer at a drug store. Keep it charged and you’re ready for cord-free removal in a jiffy. You can remove unwanted hair in the privacy of your home, any time you want, from any place without fear of skin reactions. Plus, after your initial small investment, it’s free. No appointments, no embarrassing revelations, no rash, no stinky goop, no pain. And it’s fast.

Find a trimmer that is designed for women. You can probably use a man’s, but it’s not going to have the same attachments as a woman’s. You’ll find tiny attachments for removing a nose hair or two, a special guard for trimming your own eyebrows, a small attachment for facial hair, and a larger one for trimming your bikini area or a full Brazilian (pubic hair be gone!). The instructions will tell you which to use for what, even suggesting what works best on toe hair. You can remove hair completely or choose to just keep it neatly trimmed.

These trimmers are the easiest solution we’ve had available yet. No hair removal method is perfect, but this one comes pretty close. Try a trimmer and keep your hair only where you want it.

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