Cryptid Hairy Biped Fouke Monster was the Legend of Boggy Creek

Cryptid Hairy Biped Fouke Monster was the Legend of Boggy Creek

In the early 1970s, people in Fouke, Texarkana, the Texas/Arkansas border, and other areas in Miller County had an unwelcome visitor, described as a huge human/ape-like creature covered with long dark hair. It was estimated to be about seven feet tall and weighing two hundred and fifty to three hundred pounds, had glowing red eyes and a malodorous stench. 1980s reports were that the cryptid was approximately ten feet tall and weighed about eight hundred pounds. The Fouke Monster, according to some, ran on its haunches and swung its arms like a primate.

Fouke Monster Makes 1971 Headlines

The cryptid attacked Bobby and Elizabeth Ford’s home on May 1st. Elizabeth was sleeping on the sofa when the critter broke through a screen window. Bobby and his brother, Don, chased it away. Shortly after midnight, May 2nd, Bobby was standing on the porch when it grabbed his shoulder and threw him to the ground. He was treated for scratches and shock at Texarkana’s St. Michael Hospital. The Fords said they fired several shots at the beast and believed they hit it, but no blood was found. Searchers discovered several large three-toed footprints, scratch marks on the porch and damage to a window and the house’s siding.

Ensuing Fouke Monster Encounters

D and Wilma Woods, and Ms. Sedgass reported seeing an ape-like critter cross Highway 71. Footprints were discovered. The most notable were in Willie Smith’s soybean field. Game warden Carl Galyon examined those prints, but wasn’t able to confirm or debunk their authenticity. These prints showed that cryptid had three toes, like those on the Ford’s property. The plaster cast, made from a footprint in the soybean field, was destroyed in a fire during the late 1970s.

Fouke Monster sightings attracted tourists and hunters. Little Rock radio station KAAY offered a $1,090 reward for finding the cryptid. People, some using hunting dogs, attempted to find it, but were unsuccessful.

Archaeologist: Fouke Monster Tracks Fake

Southern State College’s Dr. Frank Schambagh concluded that the tracks were a hoax. They weren’t those of an ape or ape-man species because they had three toes. All primates and hominids, living and extinct, have five toes. Texarkana had no history of being a habitat for primates, so the cryptid couldn’t be a remnant of an indigenous species. All known primates are diurnal; the Fouke Monster, nocturnal.

Fouke Monster Inspires Movies

The Texarkana cryptid was so popular that, in 1973, the Ford’s encounter was made into a semi-fictional documentary-style horror film, The Legend of Boggy Creek. The movie made over $22,000,000, making it the seventh highest grossing film of the year. There was a sequel to the movie, The Barbaric Beast of Boggy Creek, Part II, in 1985. 1977’s Return to Boggy Creek, not intended to be a sequel, was pure fiction.

Ensuing Fouke Monster Encounters

In 1991, the cryptid was seen jumping from a bridge. In 1997 and 1998 there were forty reported sightings. Rickie Roberts, owner of Monster Mart grocery store, is the Fouke Monster’s unofficial spokesperson. He never saw the cryptid, but thinks it might be a swamp ape. He stated that he heard it howl twice. The shriek sounded like a mix of a panther screaming and a cow bellowing. Roberts said twenty-two sightings occurred in one day and that a man averred there was a cryptid family living behind his house. The latest sighting was on July 17, 1998, the year when Roberts provided this information. Four people saw the cryptid walking by a dry creek bed about five miles south of town.

What Could the Fouke Monster Be?

Miller County’s Chief Sheriff’s Deputy Toby Giles said people had dogs who would have found the critter in two days, if it existed. Roberts’ wife, Beverly, stated that many reliable people saw the cryptid, including members of her family who left the area after their sighting. City Hall employees Tracy Nichols and Sue Page heard many stories about the cryptid. Nichols said it had an obnoxious stench and that a local man saw it twice, but didn’t talk about the encounters because he feared ridicule.

Most Fouke Monster researchers believe that the creature could be a relative of Bigfoot, although the Fouke critter has three toes; the latter, five. One theory explaining the different number of toes is that the Fouke Monster is a type of Bigfoot, but, due to human encroachment, its migratory routes were destroyed. Geographical isolation could lead the remaining Texarkana cryptids to inbreed to maintain their population. Scientists proved that one of the first things to happen in inbreeding populations is the mutation of fingers and toes, so through time, Fouke Monsters could have lost two of its toes.

Some researchers noticed similarities between the Fouke Monster and Louisiana’s Honey Island Swamp Monster. Fouke is close to both states’ southwest border. Swamp monster tracks have three toes. Many researchers believe Bigfoot is a migratory critter, so it’s possible that the Texarkana cryptid migrates and that both are the same creature, living in Arkansas woods and Louisiana swamps.

It’s not surprising that a Fouke Monster hasn’t been killed or captured. Bigfoot and its kin, Mono Grande, Marked Hominid – Mecheny Hairy Biped, Momo, Skunk Apes, Napes and the Lake Worth Monster are elusive creatures, as almost all cryptids are. Perhaps, one day these critters will be humanely captured or filmed. Locals declare the Fouke Monster still roams the Texarkana’s woods.

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