How to use a Flat Iron to Straighten Hair: Get Straight Hair with the Use of a Straightening Iron

How to use a Flat Iron to Straighten Hair: Get Straight Hair with the Use of a Straightening Iron

Achieving perfectly straight hair can be simple with the right techniques and use of a flat iron, even if hair is extremely curly. Even if the hair is not very curly, a flat iron can also help add body, volume, and curl the ends of the hair as well. Although hair maybe naturally straight, a straightening iron can help polish the look.

Products needed to Straighten Hair

• Wide tooth comb
• Straightening hair serum of choice.
• Handheld hairdryer
• Six Bands or clips
• Flat iron

Steps to Straightening Hair with a Flat Iron

1. First begin by air drying hair after a shower until it is slightly damp. Remove any tangles with a large, wide tooth comb.
2. Apply a straightening serum to the hair. There are many great straightening products on the market that very in price. Jonathan Product Straightening Lotion is a great product that will help straighten and smooth, plus it smells fantastic.
3. Start blow drying the hair with the handheld hairdryer until it is completely dry. Use a round hairbrush as blow drying the hair to help style and add volume to the hair. If curling under or out is the desired look, go ahead with that motion with the use of the round powder brush.
4. With the bands or clips, section the hair. First divide the hair in two layers, the top and bottom. Then divide each layer into smaller sections, depending on the volume and length, most likely there will be about three sections with each layer.
5. With one section of the hair, continually divide it until there is a small piece. Gently run the flat iron through the small section of hair at a medium speed starting at the root, all the way through the end of the hair. It may be necessary to repeat. Remember not to move too slowly or the hair could get burnt and severely damaged.
6. Once the one section of hair is completed, gather it all up again as one piece and run the straightening iron through it again.
7. Continue to every section for a finished look.
8. Set hair with hair spray to smooth down any flyaways.

Additional Style Tips with a Flat Iron

• Most flat iron plates curve on the ends so it is easy to flip the hair out or under. This can create many different styles depending on how the hair is cut.
• Using a flat iron at the crown of the head will help give additional volume.

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