T3 Hair Dryers: Frizz-Free Fast Styling: Tourmaline Heat Technology Perfects Hair Drying

T3 Hair Dryers: Frizz-Free Fast Styling: Tourmaline Heat Technology Perfects Hair Drying

Busy people don’t have hours to style their hair. Professional hair dryers are now available and affordable for any home user who doesn’t have a lot of time to blow dry her hair in the morning. The best invention in hair drying solutions is ionic drying with tourmaline powered heat. These products produce a smooth, sleek hair style that takes half the time of normal hair dryers.

Ionic Blow Dryers

Ions are particles with either a negative or positive charge. Cheap blow dryers produce positive ions, which are linked to hair breakage and frizzy styles. Positive ions open the shaft of the hair, causing it to split and frizz. It also causes the dull effect seen from cheaper hair dryers.

Negative charges are the ionic particles favored in the hair styling industry, and these are the products used by any professional hair stylist. Negative ions have the opposite effect of the positive particle. Negative ionic hair dryers keep the hair shaft closed, so it keeps in the moisture. This leads to that sleek look after sitting in a stylist’s chair. The T3 hair dryers produce only negative charged particles.

Tourmaline Heat

Tourmaline is a heat infusion technology that combines with ceramic hair drying products to provide fast results. Tourmaline infuses heat with ceramic, which blows straight onto the hair follicle, quickly removing excess water. T3 hair dryers are reportedly 70 percent faster. That means if it normally takes 15 minutes to dry hair, a T3 tourmaline blow dryer cuts the time down to approximately 5 minutes.

Bespoke Featherweight – Award Winning Tourmaline Hair Dryer

The T3 Bespoke Featherweight is the company’s award winning dryer. It’s won an InStyle award along with Allure magazine’s editor’s choice award. Any time a user purchases a blow dryer with at least 1,800 watts, it’s considered a professional brand. This hair dryer has 1,800 watts, 2 speed settings and a cool shot, and it comes with a concentration attachment. The concentration attachment funnels the heat directly on the hair, which is more efficient. This hair dryer costs approximately $200.00.

Bespoke Evolution – Professional Hair Styling in the Home

The T3 Evolution is a professional-level hair style also available for home users. The hair dryer has 2,000 watts, a long, 10 foot cord and a concentrator. The dryer is similar to the Featherweight, so it is more advantageous for a user on a budget to stick with the Featherweight. However, if budget is not an issue, the extra wattage may be worth the price. This blow dryer costs approximately $300.

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