Spring Hair Trends: From Tousled to Sleek: From the Bob to Flowing Waves to the Messy Look: Spring Hair.

Spring Hair Trends: From Tousled to Sleek: From the Bob to Flowing Waves to the Messy Look: Spring Hair.

Spring trends are ponytails with flair and flourish and up-dos, long and flowing. Also, a look that says you just styled your hair perfectly but then took a ride in a convertible on the way over. Straight and sleek is hot and so are loose curls and waves that seem to say you just got out of bed. And braids are back. The big color trend is peroxide blond.

Donna Karan showed crisp linen and tailored suits at New York’s Fashion Week. All this sleekness inspired Redken stylist Guido Palau to give the models teased ponytails in contrast. “Last season was all about very finished, polished looks,” he was quoted as saying, “now hair is rougher with a matte finish.”

How to Get the Messy, Casual Look

Apply a thickening lotion to damp hair. Blow dry, using your fingers to roughen up the texture and create a messy, casual look. (Redken Thickening Lotion $12, at drugstore.com.) Think of the Hollywood stars at last years’ Oscars. Didn’t you just feel sorry for some of them? Such a big event and their hair said that they had to rush over straight from shampooing the dog with no time to do their own hair.

Getting the Look, Part 2

Use a paddle brush to backcomb the ponytail to increase volume and coarsen texture. Try to achieve a triangular shape. Tease the ponytail outward to make it wider. (Paddle brush, $32, at sephora.com.)

The Secret to Tousled Hair

The key word to search for is “tousled”. One way to get tousled waves. Guido Palau, backstage at Ralph Lauren, took model MarynaLinchuk and created her flowing, luxuriant style by spritzing her damp hair with Redken Spray Starch 15 ($13). Then he let it air-dry, and finished with Redken Glass 01 Smoothing Serum ($15). That’s all there is to it. The sleekest outfit needs to be complemented with loose, fabulous waves.

The rule for elegant up-dos is chic but a little undone, says Guido. He adds, “It should look as though the woman did it herself.” Some women reading this resemble that remark.

Ponytails and Up-Dos

Low ponytails, gathered at the base of the neck, have a look of glamour and richness. Part it in the center. Leave a section of the hair out to wrap around the band. Keep it frizz free with Pantene Pro-V Smooth Serum ($6.49).

Stylist Julien d’Ys, who dressed up models at Yves Saint Laurent during Fashion Week in French twists, said he believes the secret to a great French twist is shiny, polished hair. He uses Sebastian Professional Shine Define hair spray ($16.95) to get the luminous hold he desires.

The Ever-Important Hair Accessory

Hair accessories are front and center this spring. From leather ponytail bands at Louis Vuitton to sparkling headpieces at Dolce &Gabbana, everybody is adorning their shining glory. Hairstylist Luigi Murenu, who used retro bow headbands at Givenchy, pointed out, “Hair accessories can not only be a great way to control hair, but they also make a statement.”

Going From One Extreme to Another

In other words, pretty much anything goes.
A retro look that is back and not even in a casual, debauched way but in a smooth, sleek manner, is long hair parted in the middle and hanging straight down. The more things change the more they remain the same sometimes.

On the other hand, if aren’t feeling sleek and just want to grab a clump of your hair and randomly pin it with unpinned hairs going every which way and loose, that’s quite in fashion too. Look like you just came from the salon or like you just got out of bed, and you will fit in fine somewhere.

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