What are the Dangers of Combing Hair? Learn how to Avoid Disaster when Combing

What are the Dangers of Combing Hair? Learn how to Avoid Disaster when Combing

Hair combing is normally perceived as a harmless and peaceful activity. However, this type of activity actually leaves room for peril to enter one’s life in ways far from the public eye. Hair combing is a part of everyone’s everyday life, and its dangers can be easily overlooked by many.

Hairstyles vary among the population, as do the ways and methods people use when combing their hair. Younger populations try to adapt hairstyles that differ from everyone else, and in the process, may cause damage to their hair in the long run.

Certain Precautions that Should be Taken into Account when Combing Hair

The following are a few generalized suggestions and hints to be used when combing hair.
Combs are available in different sizes and shapes and can be found in retail stores around the country. The material that is used in the manufacture of combs can also vary greatly. Avoid buying combs that have really sharp tips, especially if you have had a previous unwanted experience with a sharp comb in the past.

A person should utilize combs with the utmost concentration and care when combing his or her hair. Human nature suggests that the mind wanders while combing hair since combing hair is something that is generally not perceived as harmful.

Thinking about other matters while combing hair may cause harm to the scalp and to the hairs that project from it.

Use gentle force when combing hair. Pushing down on the comb too hard or using excessive force can damage the scalp in addition to pulling out hairs from the follicles. Hair loss can also occur if one combs his or her hair in the opposite direction of the hair’s natural growth.

Avoid Damaging the Scalp

Traction baldness occurs when one combs the hair in backward movements. Moreover, excessive combing of hair can damage the scalp and hair follicles. This is an especially important notion for people who like to carry pocket combs in their coats, shirts, and pants wherever they go.

Every now and then the person will take the comb out of the pocket and start combing his hair regardless of how shiny and well kept it already is.

Think of the scalp as a highway that endures over a million cars of traffic per day. The road will eventually have to be repaired and replaced due to all the cars running over it. Similarly, your scalp will have to tolerate the abrasions caused by combs that are used in an excessive manner.

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