Recession Hair Care Tips: How to Have Healthy Hair With Less Money

Recession Hair Care Tips: How to Have Healthy Hair With Less Money

Just because you have to save money doesn’t mean it has to be at the expense of your hair. Here are some ideas and tips on maintaining your healthy locks when you’re experiencing an economic lock down:

Use natural ingredients. Save money by using ingredients in your cupboard. If it’s good for your insides, there’s a chance it’ll be good for your hair.Try an olive oil conditioning treatment. Also, there are countless other egg, rosemary and even mayonnaise treatments available.

Shampoo less. . If you have extremely dry and/or curly hair, you can skip shampooing much more than you think. Instead of once a week, you can decrease shampoos to once every week and a half to two weeks. This is a personal decision you can make according to your own comfort level and hair type. For dry/curly haired girls, shampooing can strip the natural oils out of your hair, so aside from saving money on shampoo, you’re actually improving the condition of your hair as well!

Beware of cheaper shampoos. There are some really good inexpensive shampoo brands, but there are also some not-so-good ones. Some cheaper brands use more drying cleansers such as ammonium lauryl sulfate. If you have dry or color treated hair, you should invest in a more expensive salon brand. Being satisfied by using a more expensive product is better for your money than buying an inexpensive alternative that you won’t use.

Buy on sale and in bulk. Many manufacturers are trying to increase sales by offering amazing deals. Take advantage of these discounts and buy your regulars in bulk.

Go to the salon. Keep going to the salon, albeit perhaps less frequently. Keep up with your trims every 3-6 months. Skip the deep conditioning treatments and try the natural alternatives listed in this article. Skip the extra $20 on a blow dry and do it yourself at home.

Low maintenance can be good for your hair. Less money means less money to use on doing new, perhaps damaging, things to your hair. If possible, give your hair a rest with the expensive bleaching and dye jobs. Save money and buy a box of neutral hair color at the drug store. Wash your hair less and conditioner with natural conditioners more. Maybe your hair will be in better condition than it was before the recession.

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