How to Use Rollers for Hair Styling: Setting Hair with Magnetic Curlers or Mesh Rollers

How to Use Rollers for Hair Styling: Setting Hair with Magnetic Curlers or Mesh Rollers

Traditional hair rollers are a gentle hair styling option when you want to avoid direct heat. Curling irons and flat irons may be fast styling options but they can also fry hair and cause breakage over time. A roller set can provide the same amount of style and allows a hairstyle to last for a week, if desired. Learn how to select rollers and set hair with rollers.

Selecting Rollers for Hair

Plastic magnetic rollers and wire mesh rollers are two of the gentlest curlers available.

Magnetic rollers a made out of a smooth plastic in a cylinder shape with air vents. They are called “magnetic rollers” but do not contain any magnets. The “magnetic” aspect of the rollers is the fact that wet hair can stick to the smooth plastic surface and be held in place without roller pins. However, many people find that magnetic rollers still need a roller pin or hair clip to keep hair in place throughout the hair setting process.

Both magnetic and mesh rollers come in the following sizes: ½”, 1″, 2″, 2½” and 3 inches. The size of the hair roller determines the size of the curl. People wishing to create large curls should use a 2″ or 2½” inch roller. For hair straightening, the 3″ rollers are suitable.

When determining whether to buy magnetic or mesh rollers, consider drying time and curl quality. Magnetic rollers create extremely smooth curls but take a long time to dry due to the hard plastic surface. Hair dries faster in mesh rollers due to the ability for air to circulate through the mesh material. A common complaint about mesh rollers is that the mesh surface and roller pins sometimes create random waves.

You can buy magnetic and wire mesh rollers at many local and online beauty supply stores.

Tools for Roller Setting

Roller setting requires the following tools:
• Set of 12 plastic magnetic or wire mesh rollers
• Roller pins (giant smooth bobby pins) or hair clips
• End papers designed for roller sets or regular tissue paper cut into small squares
• Leave-in conditioner
• Setting lotion, styling cream or gel
• Medium-tooth dressing comb
• Scarf
• Hood dryer (for best results)

How to Roller Set Hair

Roller set only clean, damp and conditioned hair that is free of tangles. Determine the roller setting pattern.

1. A basic roller setting pattern involves attaching 12 rollers in four sections: the top of the head, the back and the two sides. The three rollers attached to the top of the head and the back are rolled towards the neck. Three rollers on each side are rolled towards the face.
2. Every time that you attach a roller, divide a section of hair and carefully comb it smooth. Smooth in a drop of gel or setting lotion.
3. Next, attach an end paper to the ends to keep the delicate ends neat during the rolling and protect them from direct contact with roller pins. Carefully wind the hair around the roller. The hair should be smooth against the roller and not bumpy for best results. Secure the roller with a roller pin or hair clip.
4. After the rollers are all secure, sit under a hood dryer for an hour or until hair is dry. You can also air dry hair in rollers overnight. Use a scarf to keep rollers in place overnight if air drying.
5. When the hair is dry, remove rollers. Style hair. You should now have shiny, silky hair with a lot of body that will hold a hairstyle for up to a week.

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