Straighten Curly Hair Overnight: Wet Hair, Set It, Leave It Overnight to Straighten

Straighten Curly Hair Overnight: Wet Hair, Set It, Leave It Overnight to Straighten

Women with curly hair do not have to invest in a blow dryer in order to style their hair straight. Follow this simple process to straighten hair overnight.


• Wide-tooth comb
• Ionic and/or boar bristle hairbrush
• Straight style-starting shampoo
• Straight style-starting conditioner
• Cream-based leave-in conditioner
• Hair tie


1. Wet, shampoo, and condition hair. Let the conditioner set for 5 minutes.
2. With the conditioner still in the hair, use the wide-tooth comb to detangle it. When combing, remember to start detangling the ends first, moving toward the roots as knots are loosened. Comb the hair as many times at it takes to get the comb moving through the strands easily.
3. Rinse out the conditioner and towel dry.
4. While the hair is still damp, smooth in a generous amount of leave-in conditioner. Rub it in well, so that there are no clumps of conditioner left in the hair. Comb through a second time.
5. Brush hair, beginning from top of the forehead and moving down to the ends. Be sure to brush firmly to penetrate layers closer to the roots. For thicker hair, split into two sections, dividing horizontally, at the top of the eyebrows.
6. To make the bun, begin pulling hair into a ponytail, brushing it into place in the palm of the hand. Twist the hair, starting closest to the scalp and wrap in a clockwise motion till the ends reach the knob.
7. Twist the hair tie into bun and leave overnight.
8. In the morning, let the hair down from the bun and style with fingers. Do not comb or brush. This will cause the hair to be frizzy.
9. Add a dab of leave-in conditioner and enjoy straight, volumized hair for the next few days.

Modification for Very Short Hair

If hair is too short to be pulled into a bun:
1. Brush hair up and to the side, beginning from the left ear over the top of the head and brushing toward the right then behind the head.
2. Make sure that there are no loose strands before covering with a bandana or headscarf.

Tips for Maintenance and Better Results

Those with longer hair should start this process as early as possible the night before so that all the hair will be dry by morning. If roots are still damp at that time, add leave-in conditioner, comb, brush, and braid the hair. It should take another 3-4 hours to dry.

The style will last for about 3 days with proper care. Hair becomes straighter and softer as each day passes. Braid hair each night to maintain it.

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