Prepare Your Hair for Spring: What to Do for Hair Styling Products and Tools This Season

Prepare Your Hair for Spring: What to Do for Hair Styling Products and Tools This Season

Spring cleaning isn’t for just your closet and your yard. Your hair wardrobe needs an overhaul as well in this time of revitalization. Here are the top seven steps to refreshing your style and revamping your tools for the new season:

• Give your hair a noticeable cut or try a brand-new style altogether. At the very least, trim 1½ inches to remove damaged and split ends. This tip alone creates healthier hair for the new season and can make a dramatic difference in how you look and feel.
• Your scalp is an extension of your face and needs the same kind of special attention. Exfoliation unclogs follicles and revives unhealthy skin, encouraging new hair growth.
• Ask your stylist for a new semi-permanent, demi-permanent or permanent colour to brighten your look. Opt for a warm update in caramel, auburn or chocolate. Don’t be tempted to go too light. Save the high-lift blonde for summer. Highlights, lowlights, tips, and colour blocking can make a huge difference.
• Most products last between 6 and 36 months. Direct sunlight, heat, freezing, and germs from dipping fingers can contaminate product much sooner. If you can’t remember when you bought the product, if it has hardened or changed consistency, or if it has lost its effectiveness – toss it.
• Damaged brushes should be swapped with clean, updated technology. Boar bristles stimulate the scalp and distribute natural oils. Negative ion-infused bristles shrink water particles in the shaft and dry hair from the inside out. Tourmaline infuses moisture in the hair and seals each strand creating smoothness. Ceramic barrels distribute heat evenly during blow-drying and also smooth the hair.
• Hair and lint buildup should be removed to optimize air flow and prevent safety hazards. Clean the vent with the old brush you are throwing out by scraping away debris. Some vents twist off for easy cleaning.
• This is a great time to invest in the latest must-have product or try something trendy with your style. Brand-new haircuts or first-time colours will need brand new, specialized products for maintenance. Many manufacturers launch new tools in the spring so the most up-to-date technology can be yours right now.

Spring signifies new beginnings, so take advantage and give your hair and tools a makeover. Maintain your investments, update tired looks, and be sure to treat yourself to something new.

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