Pick the Best Hairstyling Product: How to choose a pomade, mousse, gel or spray

Pick the Best Hairstyling Product: How to choose a pomade, mousse, gel or spray

The shelf in my beauty cabinet that is always short on free space is the hair section. It’s hard to part with some products because I only use them on occasion (shampoo for clip-on hair, for example). Others were overpriced mistakes that made my hair so stiff I don’t want to use them again, but the price tag still on the bottle makes me too guilty to toss it. No question about it, there are a lot of hairstyling products on the market, and we definitely need some of them to look good. But how to choose? Like any beauty organization, start by dividing and conquering. Know your stuff and choose the bare minimum. Then periodically clear out that hair drawer, and do it ruthlessly. You’re gonna need space for the next new product.

Gels. Especially good for short hairstyles or any look requiring more precision. It’ll help you mold your hair into shape, then dry in that style. Apply, distribute, comb and shape. Look out — this is the one product your man is most likely to steal
Mousse. Great for lift (and the current 80’s look), this is a good aid for flat or lifeless hair. Shake, shoot on roots, comb and style.
Pomade. Great for short spiky looks, this will help give your style some hold without stiffness. A good product will also moisturize your hair. Pomades are also good for updos.
Styling Sprays. Not a hairspray for hold, but a styling tool. There are a ton of them available. Buy one for each kind of style you like (curly, straight). A good one will not be visible when your hair is dry, will help condition and control frizz, and most importantly, coax your hair into the look you’re going for.
Hairspray. The traditional standby favorite for keeping your hair looking the way you want it. After all the work involved in getting your hairstyle right, you don’t want wind, rain or a hair-fluffing date to mess up your style. Get the look right first, then spray on hairspray and you’re armed for the night. Experiment greatly and read labels to avoid buying the wrong type. Some hairsprays leave hair so stiff, it’ll break off if you brush it. Opt for the natural looking kind unless you’re on stage all night and need a stiff hold.

That should get you started. Don’t forget to clean out your purse and bathroom periodically of the bad stuff and keep an eye out for new. There are always new products coming on the market, but if you find something you love, be faithful!

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