Jessica Simpson Hairstyles: Celebrity Style With “hairDO” Hair Extensions by Ken Pavés

Jessica Simpson Hairstyles: Celebrity Style With "hairDO" Hair Extensions by Ken Pavés

Los Angeles stylist Ken Pavés and celebrity Jessica Simpson have teamed up to promote their line of extensions called ‘hairDo.’ The hairpieces are manufactured by Hair U Wear, the company that produces the popular Gabor wigs, Raquel Welch hairpieces, and P.O.P (Put On Pieces) hair additions.

Jessica’s chameleon-like style was the inspiration behind the line of extensions. As her stylist and friend, Pavés created clip-in pieces to further enhance Jessica’s hairstyles, and to give average women the tools to have celebrity hair. Each style of hairDo is based on styles Jessica wears frequently.

Length, Colour and Style

• HairDo lengths vary from a classic 10” for bobs and shoulder-skimming hairstyles, to a glamorous 22”.
• All lengths are available in 14 different luscious colours from Ebony to Jessica’s signature Golden Wheat. This includes a variety of brunettes, reds and blondes.
• There is a piece to help achieve every type of style. Pieces are pre-styled in either blow-out straight, layered-straight, or wavy.
• A combination of these options allows Jessica to keep her look fresh while walking the red carpet or attending celebrity events.

Synthetic vs. Human Hair

• Synthetic extensions are made from Vibralite™ – a fibre that mimics protein-rich hair. Synthetic extensions cannot be blown dry, flat-ironed, or have any type of heat applied to them. They are meant to be used as they appear so consider purchasing both a straight and a wavy piece for variety in style.
• Curl and colour have been baked into the hair extensions so you will not experience fading or drooping.
• Seanna King of Artist’s Choice describes the 100% human hair extensions as a luxurious blend of “human Indian Temple hair which is the purest, and human Chinese hair which gives strength.” 100% human hair pieces can be washed, blow-dried, permed, curled, flat-ironed and styled as you would your own hair.
• Synthetic hair has the look and feel of human hair so it is possible to achieve believable looks with the less expensive of the two types of extensions. If price is not a concern, the human hair pieces ensure higher quality and more styling options. Prices vary from approximately $120.00-$550.00 CDN.

How to Apply

• HairDo pieces come with simple but thorough instructions for applying, and there are also demonstration videos of Ken applying the pressure-clips to a model. The key is layering the hair piece into existing hair to prevent demarcation lines.
• At ear level, part the hair from left to right and clip the top half on top of the head. Tease the hair at the part to give the pressure-clips something to grab onto. Starting in the middle of the head, apply the first pressure clip and gently stretch the cap to each side, securing clips one by one. Secure the clips on the bottom of the cap last.

Caring for hairDo

• With either synthetic or human hair pieces, Seanna King recommends washing extensions after every few wears with a mild shampoo in warm water, finger combing the strands, and laying flat to dry. Any hair piece should be treated like fine cashmere in its care and storage.

Jessica is a walking billboard and this business partnership has proven wildly successful in the one-billion-dollar-a-year extension industry. HairDo celebrated its second anniversary in January 2011.
HairDo was most recently cited as an alternative solution to thinning hair in the article “In the Thick of It”, Ladies Home Journal. They were also featured in Seventeen magazine’s March edition in the article “Hot Styles for Spring”.

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