Jessica Simpson Hair Extensions: How to Get a Celebrity Hair Style with Hairdo

Jessica Simpson Hair Extensions: How to Get a Celebrity Hair Style with Hairdo

Celebrity and singer Jessica Simpson was blessed with many beautiful attributes, and great hair is one of them. You’ll see her with long hair and medium length hair, worn straight or curly but almost always blonde. Use the many photographs of her as inspiration for your own hair fashion ideas, or go the easy route and buy Jessica Simpson hair extensions now available in beauty stores. Use these tips to recreate your own version of Jessica’s great hair styles.

Celebrity Hair

With these great instant extensions, you can have gorgeous hair in a variety of styles in just minutes. Why bother styling your own hair when you can just clip and go? These extensions, called Hairdo, were created by Jessica’s own hairstylist, Ken Paves, and tested by Jessica herself. They are easy to install yourself, and are undetectable.

Affordable Hair Replacement

The average price for one of the synthetic pieces is $100 and the human hair version is $500, a far cry from the $1,000 charged by hair salons for professional extensions. You’ll also keep your natural hair healthy by avoiding the stressful professional process. Women with thinning or hair loss problems can avoid costly hair replacement services by using this product.


Keeping your clip-on looking great is easy. Just wash it in cold water and shampoo, then let air dry. As with most clip-ons, follow the care instructions or you’ll wind up with an unusable knotted mess eventually.

Hair Styles

You’ll find short-to-long styles in straight, curly or wavy looks. There are synthetic versions that are of good quality, and a more expensive human hair style, which is a very natural-looking choice.

How To Install Extensions

Hairdo is incredibly easy to use by yourself. There are three steps.
• Separate your crown hair from the lower hair and pin up and out of the way. Tease a bit of the lower hair near the roots for better adhesion.
• Clip the hairpiece in by pressing in all around at the teased root area of your own hair.
• Let your natural hair back down over it. Voila.

Hair Shopping

Shop for your new hairpiece at beauty stores, such as Ulta and Trade Secret and some hair salons. You can also buy Hairdo pieces online from a variety of retailers, but you’ll want to match color first either in person or with a purchased color ring.

Color Selection

Jessica Simpson Extensions comes in a range of colors for blondes, brunettes and redheads. You can purchase a Hairdo Color Ring, for either synthetic or human hair, to match in the privacy of your own home.

Fast Easy Hair

This is a great product for women who want fast easy hairstyling options, and for those who would love to try out a new look without a permanent commitment. The price is very reasonable for the quality offered. Have fun with your hair!

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