How to Get Adam Lambert’s Haircut: Sexy Men’s Haircut for American Idol Contestant Adam Lambert

How to Get Adam Lambert's Haircut: Sexy Men’s Haircut for American Idol Contestant Adam Lambert

He is not only a fan favourite for his exceptional and unique singing style, he surprises and impresses his fan club and American Idol judges—Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, Kara DiaGuarda, and Randy Jackson—every week with his changing fashion and hairstyle.

How to Get Adam’s Haircut

Here are the secrets to getting Adam’s versatile haircut.

Cut over the ears

Even though Adam has long hair in front and on the sides, he has some of his shorter layers cut over his ears.


It’s tempting to shave sideburns off when hair is long enough to cover this area of the face and jaw, but Adam has hints of sideburns underneath his long hair. This helps keep a masculine edge to the cut for styles other than his signature shag.

Neatly Cut in the Back

The TV audience rarely gets to see the back of Adam’s hair and are surprised to see that the back is cut relatively short compared to the front. It is more a traditional men’s cut with beveled edges and is only slightly longer than the typical man’s haircut.

These key elements are the foundation for Lambert’s hairstyle. His retro Elvis look showcased these elements when he sang Smokey Robinson’s Tracks of My Tears on ‘Motown Night.’

Razor Cutting

The most recognizable part of Lambert’s haircut is the razor-cut, choppy shag. Most of Lambert’s hair is cut with a razor blade to taper sections of hair. This creates longer layers on the bottom and shorter layers in the middle and closer to the head, and ultimately gives that shaggy look.


The finishing touch to Lambert’s hairstyle is texturizing the crown. With thinning shears, a stylist cuts out the bulk that weighs hair down. Different thinning shears can cut out different amounts of hair with one snip depending on how many teeth are on the blade.

Texturizing creates volume and this is what helps spike Lambert’s hair.

This haircut works best on medium to thick hair but can be achieved with thin hair as well with the right styling products. Textured, ethnic hair is not the best as it will not hang properly in the front, and shorter layers will likely bring out any curl in the hair. A flat iron, straightening products, hair relaxers and may help textured, curly hair but it will definitely be more work.

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